Be My Safe Valentine: Top Tips for Valentine’s Day Safety | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of American Heart Month, so it’s a good time to stay safer and start practicing heart health, so you’ll be around for your loved ones in the months and years to come. Keep these Valentine’s Day tips from the CDC in mind when planning your day:

Love your heart. If you haven’t seen a doctor a while, schedule an appointment to check up on your heart health, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. If you resolved to quit smoking at New Year’s, renew your commitment, or start a new one. Beat the winter doldrums by getting some exercise: even 30 minutes a day of walking can help protect your heart. However, safe strength training may be particularly useful. A recent study, Strength fitness and body weight status on markers of cardiometabolic health, concluded that “recent evidence suggests that resistance training (RT) may reduce metabolic and cardiovascular disease risk… Strength training may be important to metabolic and cardiovascular health.”

Prepare for a romantic getaway. Make sure you have the vaccinations you need for your destination. Double-check to ensure you have enough medication for the trip, and pack items like sunscreen or insect repellent if needed. Items like latex condoms can also help you and your partner stay healthier during sex.

Drink responsibly. Before you go out, have a sober ride home planned. Will you ride with a designated driver, use public transportation, or call a cab? Strategize in advance. If you host a romantic evening at home, monitor alcohol intake, and give guests a safe place to “crash” if they are too drunk to drive safely. It only takes one accident to ruin a great weekend – or to end a life.

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