Avoiding Injury While Lugging Suitcases During Your Vacation

Whether your dream vacation involves a skiing adventure or drinks on the beach, you’re eager to get away from the usual stresses of everyday life. If you’re not careful, however, your vacation could prompt pain and suffering far beyond what you currently face. Luggage, in particular, can prove hazardous; in 2015, over 84,000 U.S. patients were treated in emergency rooms or clinics after suffering luggage-related injuries. Thankfully, these injuries can often be avoided. Read on to learn how:

Reassess Your Packing Style

How much do you really need to pack? In all likelihood, you can pack more efficiently — especially if your accommodations offer laundry facilities. If possible, limit your luggage to just one suitcase and one small carry-on bag.

Invest in Quality Luggage

Style should not be your primary consideration when selecting luggage. Ideally, you will purchase a suitcase that is both lightweight and durable. The best suitcases include wheels, which remove a great deal of the burden as you traverse the airport.

Bend at the Knees When Lifting Luggage

As you lift luggage onto platforms, overhead compartments, or into your rental vehicle, avoid the urge to bend at the waist. Instead, bend your knees and lift with the muscles in your legs. Keep your duffel or suitcase close to your body as you lift, and ideally, as close to your center of gravity as possible.

Tip Luggage Handlers Generously

Now that you’ve dealt with heavy luggage, you’ve probably gained new compassion for people who lift suitcases all day. Feel free to take advantage of their offered assistance — and tip accordingly. If you handle suitcases on your own, take advantage of luggage racks and elevators.