Are Swimming Pools Dangerous?

Swimming pools can be hazardous, especially to children who may not know their own limitations or how to avoid dangers like pool drains. However, a pool can be doubly dangerous because it is also likely to catch a child’s attention, making it an attractive nuisance. In this video, attorney Paul Cornoni answers the question: are swimming pools dangerous? He explains possible safety risks and what a pool owner must legally do to prevent fatal swimming pool accidents.
Attractive nuisance is something just what you would maybe think it sounds like. Is that if it’s attractive for a kid, but they don’t necessarily know that it’s dangerous. So, a pool was an example of that. I mean, it’s attractive for a kid because it’s fun and it’s hot outside, but they don’t realize the dangers that can come with it. There are all different types of hazards that are associated with pools. Diving boards. If they’re not the appropriate height or length, that can lead to people becoming disabled. And jumping into the water and diving into the water. Pool drains. Products like that can—they’re not maintained properly or designed properly, they can cause a suction effect where kids can get seriously injured or stuck in the bottom of a pool. So, pools are places where they need to be maintained well, they need to be supervised well. And the owners of these properties should know what they have to do to make sure these places are safe for kids. Homeowners need to be careful there if they have—if they choose to have a pool. Because not only are kids from their home going to be swimming in it, but there’s kids in the neighborhood. So, many local ordinances and codes require that you have a fence. Fence has to be locked. It has to be a certain height. So kids can’t jump over it. Because a pool is an attractive nuisance. And so, there may be kids that aren’t the best swimmers, but see a pool and think that they can handle it. For more information, you can go to our website at For a free consultation, you can call us at (202) 463-3030.