6 Spring Break Safety Tips | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

Many look forward to the fun and recreation associated with spring break, but the events carry an increased risk of certain dangers. Being aware of the hazards and taking precautions can help protect you (or your kids, if you’re the parent of a teenager about to head south with friends to Cancun or Miami Beach). Below are some guidelines to follow.

1. Limit Alcohol Intake The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 30 people die every day in an alcohol-related crash. Undoubtedly, driving under the influence of alcohol presents the worst threat to life and limb. Being a passenger in a vehicle driven by a person who has been drinking poses an equal danger.

2. Start an Exercise Program Many who take spring breaks have probably been sedentary due to studying or working long hours at the computer. The vacation offers a good time to start a fitness program; however; start slowly to avoid an injury. You have many exercise options such as walking, dancing and sports activities.

3. Stay Hydrated You need to drink more water during warmer weather, especially if you are consuming alcohol. Try to drink eight glasses per day.

4. Avoid Being Drugged Don’t accept a drink from a stranger, and never leave a drink unattended.

5. Protect Your Eyes Wearing contact lenses involves a few extra steps to safeguard your eyes. Remove the lenses before swimming, as exposing them to water can lead to serious eye infections. Sleeping in contacts can also produce problems, so take them out before bed.

6. Stay Smoke-Free Resist peer pressure to smoke, and avoid second-hand smoke as well. Smoking will wreck your health and shorten your life, so stay clear of this destructive habit.

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