6 Kids Toys Recalled in 2016

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and holiday shopping season is already upon us. If you’re playing Santa and shopping for the kids in your life, it’s important to be aware of what toys are currently under recall.

6 Recalled Toys

  • Tempra and Finger Paints. Sargent Art recalled these paints sold at many Hobby Lobby and Walmart stores, as well as other locations, due to bacterial contamination.
  • Cradle ‘n Swing. Fisher-Price recalled this popular baby swing in April after learning the seat can fall unexpectedly, risking injury to the baby.
  • Stuffed Monster Truck. In March, Feld, Inc. recalled pink stuffed trucks sold at Florida Monster Jam events due to a pedophilic symbol found on the truck’s design.
  • IKEA Drum and Drum Stick Set. Budget furniture and toy maker IKEA recalled these toys in January due to a choking risk.
  • Breezer and Fuji bicycles. Advanced Sports International recalled these bikes for the 2017 model year due to the danger of falls from possible cracks in the top clamp of the seat post.
  • Glion Electric Scooters. Probity Cell recalled these scooters after learning the frame can break when they’re folded, causing a fall hazard.

Where to Find Recall Information

SafeKids.org has lots of information for consumers on the most recent recalls that affect products marketed to kids – including toys. You can search the site by month and year, and also find information on child safety laws for you state and tips on how to take action to keep kids safe.

For more information on important recalls, check out our recent post on the Samsung Note 7 recall.

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