5 Holiday Dangers That Can Lead to Hospitalization [As Well as a Possible Medical Malpractice Lawsuit] | DC Metro Area Personal

The holidays can range from happy and stress free to chaotic and full of last-minute travel plans, forgotten presents and food, and shouting arguments in the kitchen. But substantial and often under-reported safety hazards crop up during the holidays and cause a large number of hospital visits. Thanksgiving and Christmas witness a surprising bump in the number of injuries and illnesses. Here are 5 of the biggest holiday dangers:

  • Traffic. Many people travel to visit family during the holidays, causing the roads to get congested with frustrated and impatient drivers. Many drivers also consume copious amounts of alcohol as part of the holiday festivities, increasing the total number of dangerous DUI drivers.
  • Food poisoning. During holiday time in modern America, it has become a tradition to consume copious amounts of food, often in a rushed manner. A single meal or dish prepared improperly can lead to food poisoning, which can send family members to the hospital and cause longer term digestive conditions.
  •  Burns. Preparing food with lots of people in the kitchen can lead to burns from the stove, oven racks, or hot plates and pans.
  • Alcohol. Overdrinking is a sadly common problem over the holidays, especially during New Year’s Eve. Alcohol poisoning and injuries that result from drunken behavior prompt thousands of New Year’s hospital visits every year.
  • Medical malpractice. While generally not a direct cause of holiday hospital visits, malpractice can exact a heavy toll on families and darken the holidays. Doctors and nurses — overworked and tired from their own holiday celebrations — can make careless mistakes or engage in cutting corners that can cause injury or illness to patients.

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