Is There Help for Parents with a Birth Injury Case?

In this video, attorney Jacqueline Colclough explains why parents who need representation for a birth injury case are uniquely vulnerable. While a birth injury usually does not physically affect a parent, mothers and fathers feel the pain keenly. Medical negligence during pregnancy and/or delivery is a betrayal of a parent’s trust. As a registered nurse who worked in obstetrics, and as a mother herself, Jacqueline Colclough offers help for parents with a birth injury case in Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia.

Video Transcription

I think by nature when women are pregnant, and they’re starting their families and they’re having children, the focus is really not necessarily on themselves but on their unborn child. And their soon-to-be delivered child, and their new or their growing family. As a result, we find that a lot of the mothers and the fathers as well, when they come to us and they think they may have had a situation where their child was injured due to negligence, they are particularly vulnerable. It’s a time when a woman is really putting her trust, the future of herself and her young family in the hands of a nurse, of an obstetrician. Those cases in some ways, perhaps, for me—because I’m a former OB nurse and because I am a mother—those cases resonate with me in a very unique way. Because I understand having been in that vulnerable state myself. And so, we find that a lot of the counseling that we do in the initial stages of our investigation of those cases is geared towards helping them come to terms with the fact that there has been an injury, number one. And then number two, we need to really investigate to see if it’s an injury that could have been prevented. And if there’s a way to help compensate the family to take care of their children and their families in the future. If you would like more information about our firm and who we are, you can visit our website at Our attorneys and staff can be reached at (202) 753-4272.