Do Medical Malpractice Cases Put Doctors Out of Business?

Many people who experience medical injuries have concerns that filing medical malpractice cases puts doctors out of business. If you like your doctor, then you may hesitate to file a lawsuit out of concern. However, as attorney Patrick Regan explains in this video, doctors have medical malpractice insurance to protect them in case they make a mistake. This insurance can compensate you for a medical injury due to a mistake, even though making a medical error does not necessarily mean that your physician is a bad doctor.

Video Transcription

Another myth is that medical malpractice cases drive doctors out of business. That’s simply not true, unless the physician is so careless that they have multiple claims in a very short period of time. The reason that professionals have professional liability insurance is to cover a situation where they make a mistake. That doesn’t mean they’re a bad doctor. It means that it was a mistake was made. And it caused injury to the patient and they’re entitled to be compensated. Doesn’t mean they’re bad doctor. Many, many patients love their doctors, and when they come in to see me they tell me, look I just want to have an investigation because I like the doctor. I know that it wasn’t intentional. But if it harmed me or my family member, I want to know that. Patients who have been injured by medical malpractice frequently have their whole lives disrupted. Many times, they’re not able to go back to work. They’re not able to support their families. Aren’t able to support themselves. Medical malpractice causes very serious injuries and there are lifelong consequences of it for the patient. For more information, go to Or, call (202) 753-4272.