Are Medication Errors Serious?

Medical malpractice like medication errors can cause serious injuries or even wrongful death. In some cases, a doctor may prescribe the wrong drug or the wrong dosage, harming the patient. However, the pharmacist may also make a mistake, causing a harmful drug error. In this video, attorney Patrick Regan uses an example of a past case to answer the questions: are medication errors serious?

Video Transcription

There’s a huge myth that there are frivolous malpractice cases. In fact, it’s very rare that a malpractice case is ever filed without having a physician on board who has already reviewed the case and is prepared to testify. That in his or her opinion, there was malpractice. In other words, lawyers don’t file medical malpractice cases without having experts who can support the case. Malpractice cases can often come from medication errors. Where, for instance, the patient is ordered a certain prescription but it’s filled incorrectly. We had a case where a patient was supposed to get 10-milligrams and the pharmacy filled that with 100-milligrams. And the patient took it for three days and was found comatose in her home. So, in that case, the pills were different colors and the pharmacist didn’t realize it. And it turned out that the pharmacist was colorblind and didn’t realize that the 100-milligram pill was a different color than the 10-milligram pill. For more information, go to Or, call (202) 753-4272.