7 Spring Driving Tips | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

Spring is almost here, offering a reprieve to a mid-Atlantic region buffeted by substantial bouts of snow this year. Unfortunately, the melting of the snow and ice can reveal some serious driving hazards, such as potholes and slick roads. Be smart this spring to prevent accidents, vehicle damage and injury. Here are some driving tips to help keep you and others on the road safe.

  1. Avoid Potholes Driving through potholes can ruin a tire or put your wheels out of alignment, so avoid them whenever possible. (Tell your teen driver to do the same – shaking up your car for “fun” by gunning through potholes is a terrific way to wreck your suspension.)
  2. Take Precautions in Rainy Conditions According to the Federal Highway Administration, wet payment causes 73 percent of weather related accidents. It only takes a small amount of rain to mix with a road’s oil and produce slippery conditions. During rainy or misty weather, slow down and increase your following distance. For more information on how to drive during cloudbursts, see Safety Tips for Driving in April Showers.
  3. Be on the Look Out for Pedestrians and Bicyclists Warmer temperatures bring out more pedestrians and bicyclists, so be watchful, particularly in residential or shopping areas.
  4. Be Aware of How Allergy Medications Affect Driving Many people take antihistamines to help them cope with seasonal allergies. These drugs can adversely affect driving through their side effects of drowsiness and mental sluggishness. Realize you are more likely to have an accident under their influence, so avoid taking them when you’ll be driving.
  5. Get a Maintenance Check Visit your mechanic to check all essentials such as lights, brake function, tire pressure and fluid levels. Replace your windshield wipers, because worn ones don’t work effectively and can reduce visibility in inclement weather.
  6. Avoid Driving Through Water Avoid large puddles, because they can negatively affect your brakes and cause your car to hydroplane.
  7. Seek Shelter During a Severe Storm Spring storms often involve severe weather like flash floods, tornadoes and hail, which all present driving dangers. Park in a safe place, and wait until weather conditions improve.

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