Oregon settles claims by victims of released offender | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

By Catherine D. Bertram

The Oregon Department of Corrections will pay $6.4 million to victims of “Cowboy Mike”, a paroled offender classified by the DOC as “low risk”.  When Michael Braae was paroled in 2000, a state judge ordered the DOC to closely monitor him, but the DOC failed to do so.

Michael Braae went on a crime spree in 2001.  He killed two women, shot another in the head and left her for dead, and raped a fourth.  Police finally captured him months later after he jumped off a 40-foot bridge into the Snake River.  He is a suspect in two other murders and five other rapes.

The Oregon Department of Corrections has paid $13 million in similar cases in the last five years.

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