98,000 Deaths A Year From Medical Errors: Enough is Enough | DC Metro Area Medical Malpractice Law Blog

By Catherine D. Bertram, Esquire

98,000 Reasons is a website set up to get the word out on how medical errors harm real patients every day and what we can do about it.   According to decade old data published by the National Institute of Medicine, there are  documented preventable medical errors which lead to 98,0000 deaths in U.S. hospitals each year.   That figure does not include patients who are seriously harmed.  Now think about the fact that this number has remained static over 10 years.    Tragically, it is the 6th leading cause of death in our country.  To put that into perspective, 98,000 annual deaths is equivalent to 2 jumbo jets crashing every day all year.  Why doesn’t Congress demand answers?  Why are hospitals not held accountable?  How can we allow this to continue?  Those are the questions that we need answers to.   We use our tax dollars to have hearings about baseball and steroid use.

As a former Director of Risk Management at a major teaching hospital in DC, I am saddened that more has not been accomplished on a national level to reduce this number and make hospitals safer for all patients and for our health care providers.  Our goal must be zero.

Please take a minute and click here and follow the link to let Congress know how important an issue this is to your family and our country.

 About the author:

Catherine Bertram is board certified in civil trials.  Ms. Bertram has 20 years of trial experience and is unique in that she was formerly the Director of Risk Management for Georgetown University Hospital so she brings a wealth of knowledge to her practice including how hospitals should be run and what doctors and nurses can do to protect patients.   She is a partner with the firm and devotes her practice to the representation of patients and families of loved ones who have been injured or lost due to medical errors.  Ms. Bertram lectures regularly to lawyers and health care providers, nationally and locally,  regarding patient safety, medical negligence and other related issues. She can be reached by email at cbertram@reganfirm.com or by phone 202-822-1875.