First Aid Kit and Safety Kit Preparation for Disasters | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

Everyone is aware of the need to have a first aid kit or a safety kit handy, but few of us take the time and effort necessary to prepare one.  With some advance preparation, accidents don’t have to turn into second disasters.  In a recent press release by PRWeb, Disaster Planning and Preparation of Safety Kits and First Aid Kits No Easy Task for Families at Home and Businesses in the Workplace, common sense guidelines are available.  Specifics include:

  • Obtain answers to your preliminary questions from a local emergency management office or American Red Cross chapter.
  • Determine which disasters are likely in your community.
  • Plan with your family or business for evacuation and supply needs.
  • Prepare well stocked first aid kits and safety kits for home and workplace.
  • Post emergency numbers.
  • Install smoke detectors.