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Regan Zambri Long, PLLC is at the forefront of defective product litigation. In the past few years, we have obtained a landmark appellate ruling in Maryland involving a defective smoke detector in a tragic burn injury case, Collins, et al v. Pittway Corporation, et al; an appellate decision in the District of Columbia in a case involving a defective wheelchair, and a jury verdict of $775,000.00 against the manufacturer of sports safety equipment. Almost a year later, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals upheld the original verdict in its decision released in 2013. These decisions will serve to help many individuals receive compensation for their serious injuries caused by unsafe products.

Examples of defective consumer products include:

  • Defective heaters
  • Electric blankets or other consumer appliances which malfunction and start fires
  • Defectively designed bunk beds and cribs which create a strangulation hazard for children
  • Defective fire alarms that fail to function when needed
  • Defectively designed safety devices in ovens and other gas cooking devices
  • Unsafe toys that present hazards to children.

Types of Product Liability Claims

Examples of automobile-related product liability claims include vehicle crashworthiness claims, rollover claims, and airbag claims where the vehicle and/or any of its components fail to properly protect the occupants. Also included in automobile product liability cases are claims involving defective tires which cause the vehicle to rollover or crash. Other product liability claims arise out of injuries suffered by workers using machinery lacking safety guarding devices where such safety devices could have been easily installed on the machinery and would have prevented injury. There are many types of product liability legal theories, including design defect claims, manufacturing defect claims, and failure to warn.

Common product liability claims include:

  • Negligent design
  • Negligent manufacture
  • Strict liability for products (a legal theory imposing automatic liability)
  • Breach of warranty claims
  • Assorted consumer protection claims

Laws imposing product liability vary significantly by state and each product liability case requires different proof in order to reach a successful outcome.

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