Autumn Road Dangers: What to Know, and How to Stay Safe

Posted By Regan Zambri Long, PLLC || 30-Oct-2017

Along with gorgeous fall colors, dipping temperatures and the anticipation of the holidays, the autumn season also brings with it a unique set of road safety issues. In fact, AAA says October is now the 2nd most dangerous month of the year for driving, and October was 2016’s deadliest month here in Washington DC, according to WTOP. What are some of these fall road dangers, and how can you navigate them safely?

Fall Debris

For several weeks in October and into November, the autumn leaves cover some roadways faster than crews can come by and clean them. These leaves interrupt the friction between your tires and the road, giving you less traction—and when it rains, these leaves can sometimes become as slick as a layer of ice. To stay safe, drive more slowly on wet roads and roadways covered with leaves.


Autumn is mating season for deer and other animals, making them restless and changing their habits. Deer especially frequent the roadways at dusk this time of year, just when it’s most difficult to spot them. To stay safe, drive slower at dusk and keep the sides of the road in your peripheral vision. (Having a passenger watch the roadsides can also help.)


Cooler temperatures may lead to frost and black ice on the roads, especially in the mornings. Exercise extra caution while driving on frosty mornings or after a cool rain.

Shorter Days

As winter approaches, we lose more daylight hours in the mornings and evenings. When we “fall back” from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time in early November, drivers frequently struggle to adapt to the early darkness during rush hour drives. Remember when you switch the clock that you will encounter these conditions, and exercise caution not just for yourself, but also around other drivers who may be caught off guard.

For additional safety tips on fall driving hazards, check out our article here.

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