Are We on the Verge of Revolutionizing Auto Safety?

Posted By Regan Zambri Long, PLLC || 9-Oct-2017

Despite heightened regulations and a constant string of technological advancements over the years, automobile accidents still injure and kill thousands of us each year—in part due to the sheer numbers of cars on the road, in part due to human error, etc. However, looking at recent trends that have revolutionized and disrupted the auto manufacturing sector, we have reason to believe that automobile safety may be ready to take some huge leaps forward.

What makes us so optimistic? Let’s look at a few of these trends to find out.

“Smart Cars”

Many people initially had their doubts about features like rear cameras, self-parking and collision avoidance systems, because the car’s computer often assumes control with these features. However, over time, we’re seeing that these safety protocols do protect us against accidents and injuries because it takes driver distraction and “blind spots” out of the equation. This trend is making people much less concerned about the eventual “driverless cars” that may start hitting the market place over the next decade. As these smart cars join the collective “Internet of Things,” they are also becoming more intuitive, learning driver habits such as work days and pre-routing trips to the office. Since so many accidents are caused by driver distraction and/or impairment—and far fewer by computer error—removing more of the human error element may only make us safer.

Network Connectivity

Again, watchdogs were initially concerned about driver distraction when our cars started offering more technology wi-fi and Internet access. However, as vehicle computers integrate more with wireless technology, the GPS can receive real-time traffic data to automatically re-route, avoiding accidents and construction zones without distracting the driver. Drivers can also receive verbal notifications about upcoming weather issues, icy conditions or other safety concerns. Essentially, wireless technology now helps the car interact more safely with its surroundings, protecting the driver and passengers against unforeseen issues.

Windshield Technology and Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (the projection of computer images over real-life items) is for more than just playing “Pokemon Go.” Manufacturers are starting to implement this technology to project dashboard information directly on the windshield, enabling drivers to keep their eyes trained toward the road instead of looking down. We see this only enhancing automobile safety in years to come.

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