Common Classroom Injuries, and Ways to Stay Safe

Posted By Regan Zambri Long, PLLC || 20-Nov-2017

As summer draws to a close and the kids head back to school, we’d do well to remember that forgotten habits can sometimes lead to accidents. While our schools do all they can to keep our children safe, occasionally classroom injuries occur, especially when kids become careless. When are the children most at risk, and what can they do to stay safe?

Playground Injuries

For elementary school children, the playground is perhaps the most common place to sustain injury (monkey bars are a likely culprit), with running in school hallways taking a close second. Rugged jeans with reinforced knees can protect against severe scrapes from falling. Remind children to be careful on monkey bars and avoid large leaps. If the playground area is built on concrete or blacktop, petition the school to install cushioned surfaces.

Physical Education/After School Sports

P.E. and sports programs can often yield injuries, especially in the beginning of the school year when young people and teens aren’t quite used to the routine. Stretching exercises before running or jogging can reduce the risk of muscle pulls and similar injuries. Also, remind the kids to wear protective padding during contact sports.

Chemistry Class

Chemical reactions or spills can cause small explosions, smoke inhalation and chemical burns when young people aren’t being mindful (which happens often). Children should always wear protective eyewear and gloves when handling volatile substances, and never mix chemicals without direct supervision by the chemistry instructor.

Workshop Classes

Woodworking, metal working, auto mechanics and similar elective courses can also lead to injury. Even home economics poses some risk when children are using kitchen knives and working near hot surfaces. Make sure your children always wear the appropriate protective gear in workshop classes, and never roughhouse around power tools or hot stoves.

For additional back-to-school safety tips for the kids, check out our post here. If your child sustains a school-related injury and you feel negligence may be involved, contact our Washington D.C. personal injury attorneys to see how we can help.

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