Could a Maryland Condo Be the Epicenter of a Legionnaire's Outbreak?

Posted By Regan Zambri Long, PLLC || 9-May-2017

It was October 2015 when medical facilities in Ocean City received a string of patients with a rare and unusual disease. This disease is so uncommon, it only takes two cases before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will declare an outbreak, and there were four cases in Ocean City. How did such a rare disease suddenly infect four people, and is someone responsible for the victims of this potentially deadly epidemic?

Is a Maryland Condo the Epicenter of a Legionnaires’ Outbreak?

The disease we are talking about is Legionnaires’ disease. It’s a form of pneumonia that can be caught when Legionella bacteria gets into the lungs—usually via water mist. It is deadly to 1 out of 10 who contract it, but if diagnosed in time, it’s very treatable.

The bacteria that causes this disease was found in the tap water of the Golden Sands Condo, according to the Worcester County Health Department. Health officials tested for the infectious bug after cases of Legionnaires’ began to surface at local healthcare facilities. The building management has since been treating its water, but getting the bacteria under control took several weeks.

Luckily, none of the victims who was infected died, but some of them have had long lasting effects from this disease. One woman now experiences fatigue, eye injuries, hair loss, lung issues and other symptoms thanks to this sickness. Now, she has filed a lawsuit against the condominium because of her lingering health issues, and she’s not alone. A couple from Culpeper, Virginia filed a similar claim against the condo back in November of 2016.

Property owners are expected to provide a measure of safety for tenants and visitors on their property. Do you think the people that run this property did enough to prevent this outbreak? Tell us what you think in the comments section, or head over to our Twitter and Facebook to voice your opinion.

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