Five Reasons Pedestrians Get Hit in the City

Posted By Regan Zambri Long, PLLC || 5-Jul-2017

Every year more than 70,000 pedestrians are injured in car accidents, making them involved in more than 13% of all vehicle-related fatalities. This is particularly true in urban areas where the large amount of cars and pedestrians mingling together on the streets creates a number of situations where a pedestrian can be struck and injured. Why do these occur? There are many reasons. Let’s take a look at five of them now.

Improper Lane Use

Two thirds of all pedestrian accidents occur when a car strikes a pedestrian that’s in the roadway. Joggers, walkers, or even people getting in and out of their car parked along the side of the road can all fall into this category. However, in some cases pedestrians are forced into this spot involuntarily, such as by a cyclist riding on the sidewalk (which is illegal).

Unmarked Crosswalks

If you need to cross a busy city street, it’s strongly advised you do so at a controlled and clearly marked crosswalk. Attempting to jaywalk or cross at an intersection without a marked crosswalk can place you directly in the path of drivers who don’t expect you to be there, increasing your chances of being hit.

Lack of Visibility

Pedestrians can be difficult to see on a regular basis, but they’re even more difficult to see at night when drivers are dependent on their headlights alone. Whenever you’re walking along the road at night, it’s highly advised you wear bright-colored clothing that can be easily spotted; wearing dark-colored clothes can hide you from drivers and increase the chances you are injured.


We all know about the dangers of driving while intoxicated, but the risk goes both ways. Intoxicated pedestrians also make delayed and often poor decisions, such as crossing without looking, and even can lose their balance and stumble into the road unexpectedly. If you plan on drinking, don’t just plan on walking home; make sure you have a ride back to maximize your safety.

Cell Phone Use

Studies have shown that drivers are not the only people placed at risk by using a cell phone while traveling. A study of New York City pedestrian accidents conducted by NYU Langone Medical Center found that about 8 percent of all pedestrian accidents occurred when the victim was using an electronic device. Make sure you stop in order to send a text and keep your earphones out when on busy roads so you can hear any potential dangers coming your direction.

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