Make Sure Your Kids Follow All School Safety Guidelines

Posted By Regan Zambri Long, PLLC || 15-Sep-2015

At the start of every school year, parents ideally should sit down with their kids and go over all school safety rules that explain how they should behave in classrooms, on playgrounds, and on buses. Parents can help their children choose the right backpacks and other items they will take with them. Always check to see whether your kids can take their cell phones to school and be sure they know how to properly use them.

The National Safety Council has prepared a number of useful safety materials to help parents prepare their kids for their busy school days. Consider reviewing all of these guidelines and so your kids can always remain free of harm.

Critical Safety Guidelines and Tips to Share with Your Children

Observe playground safety rules. Take the time to go over and inspect the school playground surfaces and equipment to be sure they're in good repair. Provide your kids with the proper clothes and footwear for playing outdoors on various types of surfaces;

Follow bus-riding safety tips. Ask your children to be on their best behavior before and after they board the bus. No pushing and shoving is allowed, and remind them to never throw anything out of the windows;

Obey all school warnings and lockdown procedures. Be empathetic, and avoid frightening kids when discussing school guidelines for staying safe, but make sure they understand exactly what to do if a dangerous or sketchy person enters school grounds.

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