What You Need to Know About the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal, Part 1

Posted By Regan Zambri Long, PLLC || 30-Oct-2015

Auto manufacturing giant Volkswagen has been accused of using deceptive software in many of its cars to cheat emissions testing. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in coordination with European authorities, claims to have caught the car maker knowingly rigging over 11 million vehicles to sense when they’re being tested and to reduce emissions accordingly. Nearly half a million such vehicles have been sold in the United States, where criminal charges are likely to send several top company officials to prison, and a $7.3 billion recall has already been initiated.

Deceptive Software Hides True Emissions Profile

At the heart of Volkswagen’s trouble is the allegedly deceptive nature of claims the company used to sell millions of cars to environmentally conscious consumers, who paid several thousand dollars extra for “Clean Diesel” cars. VW engineers achieved low emissions by using a sophisticated emissions control system that scrub pollutants from the exhaust while vehicles operate. According to the complaint, this system only functioned while cars are tested; the software detects the test from the steering wheel placement and other factors and disengages the control system during normal driving.

Quantifying the Harm

Volkswagen’s actions, which have already led to several high-profile resignations, have likely done a great deal of harm. Not only do the altered vehicles emit dangerous chemicals, such as nitrogen oxides, at levels up to 40 times higher than other cars, but customers who paid up to $7,000 for “clean” technology now will likely watch the resale values of their cars plummet.

If you made a car-buying decision based on selling points that turn out later to have been fraudulent, you may be entitled to significant damages. Consult with an experienced attorney to learn how to protect your rights and obtain fair compensation from Volkswagen.

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