Beware Defective Toys on Black Friday: 6 Warning Signs

Posted By Regan Zambri Long, PLLC || 16-Nov-2015

Black Friday offers the chance to snag great deals on holiday gifts, including the toys your kids just can't live without. When you toy shop, however, keep your eyes peeled for signs of potential defects, and check for toy recalls with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, just in case.

Trying to decide if a toy is safe for the kids on your list? Here are six potential danger signs:

1. Choking hazards. Small pieces and detachable parts like eyes or wheels can all cause choking, especially in toddlers who don't yet understand that it's not safe to put those items in their mouths.

2. Sharp or pointed edges. Sharp edges and points on toys (and toy boxes and plastic wrap materials) can cause cuts, lacerations, or punctures in a child or adult of any age.

3. Missing warning label or no recommended age listed on package. Some toys and other items pose hidden dangers that you wouldn't expect unless you'd read the warning label alerting you. For instance, a child's chemistry set may contain reagents that should never be mixed or exposed to certain household chemicals. If there is no label or the package doesn't tell you who the "recommended" age is for the toy, skip it.

4. Hearing damage. Many children's toys make noise, and many noises can be quite loud. Test out a toy's noise-making abilities before you decide whether or not to buy it.

5. Overheating. Some battery-powered toys may contain electrical defects that cause them to overheat, which may lead to burns. Try toys out yourself before giving them to kids.

6. Dangerous packaging. Plastic bags, sharp fasteners, and other materials can also hurt kids who are too excited to restrain themselves from ripping into the packaging. They can also pose suffocation hazards.

While you have safety on the brain, double-check holiday decorations as well with these 7 Holiday Decorating Safety Tips.

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