Crib Safety: 2nd Recall

Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 6-May-2009

Posted by Paul Cornoni

As a follow up to our recent blog concerning the dangers of cribs manufactured by Jardine, the company has now announced a second recall.  Jardine has now announced that 96,000 additional units should be taken off the shelves.  320,000 cribs were recalled in June of 2008 and 56,450 were recalled in January of 2009.  The wooden crib slats can break which creates a gap which could cause a child to become trapped and strangled. 

The additional recalls are the following:

Model # Description Date Code Between
0102B00 Drop-side Natural Olympia Single 9/2005-1/2007
0102E00 Drop-side Dark Pine Olympia Single 9/2005-1/2008
0302P00 Black Olympia Lifetime 11/2005-5/2008
0302C00 White Olympia Lifetime 6/2006-12/2006
0312D00 Americana Pecan 4-in-1 5/2006-11/2007
0308L00 Antique Walnut Capri 4-in-1 12/2005-11/2007
0108C00 Drop-side White Capri Single 8/2006-11/2007


If you or a loved one has any question concerning crib safety please call us at 202-759-6699 or email.

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