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  • Pool Safety: Drownings of Children Under Five Increase

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 30-May-2008

    Children splashing and playing, backyard pools, bright sunny days. These are some of the telltale signs of summer. However, a new report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission ( CPSC ) reports that scenarios such as these can create dangerous conditions for young children. Commission Chairman Nancy Nord cautions parents and caregivers must be vigilant in situations involving young children ...
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  • Airbags + Seatbelts = Fewer Costs for Trauma Centers

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 29-May-2008

    According to a study published in the May issue of the Journal of American College of Surgeons, the use of airbags in combination with seatbelts considerably reduces injuries to the brain, face, spine and chest during motor vehicle collisions. As reported by the Washington Post, the study also shows that simultaneous airbag and seatbelt use leads to lower in-hospital death rates, injury severity ...
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  • CDC Recommends Shingles Vaccine for Most Adults Over 60 Years of Age

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 22-May-2008

    According to statistics reported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost one in three Americans will develop shingles (herpes zoster) during their lifetime. The disease is particularly dangerous to people over age 60 and those who are immunocompromised. Fortunately, there is a way to reduce the risk of developing shingles and the long-term pain that often follows an ...
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  • Click It or Ticket: 2008 Seat Belt Campaign In Effect

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 22-May-2008

    Memorial Day Weekend marks the beginning of high-visibility enforcement of seat belt laws by law enforcement agencies throughout the nation as part of the 2008 Click It or Ticket campaign. The enforcement period for 2008 runs from May 19 – June 1, with paid media coverage of the campaign running from May 12 – May 26. As part of this year’s Click It or Ticket event, the National ...
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  • Safety Tips for National Safe Boating Week

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 21-May-2008

    Lakes, reservoirs, rivers and other waterways across the U.S. offer excellent opportunities for many recreational summer activities, including boating. Those same waterways pose a number of inherent dangers to boaters, too, however. This year, May 17 – 23 has been proclaimed National Safe Boating Week — an observance designed to raise awareness of safe boating and injury prevention on ...
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  • Very Low Levels of Radon May Not Be a Cause for Concern: New Study

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 17-May-2008

    According to a recently-completed, decades-long study published in the journal Health Physics, exposure to low-levels of radon commonly found in homes in the United States does not appear to contribute to the development of lung cancer and may actually reduce a person’s risk of developing lung cancer. The study results mark a significant departure from the previous public health ...
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  • CDC Offers Health and Safety Tips for Rodent Prevention

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 16-May-2008

    Spring and Summer are great seasons for cookouts and get-togethers of all kinds with friends and family. Unfortunately, they’re also seasons when rodent populations reproduce continuously. Mice and other rodents are particularly effective carriers of a number of dangerous diseases, including hantavirus. This year, take some precautionary steps to protect yourself and your friends and family, ...
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  • Choose Respect: Aims to Prevent Teen Dating Violence

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 14-May-2008

    For teens, dating is one of life’s greatest rites of passage. It’s also a time when many adolescents acquire the interpersonal and social skills that will help them build positive, respectful relationships throughout their adult lives. Unfortunately, it’s a time when some teens are exposed to abusive relationships and acquire the kinds of unhealthy relationship behaviors that can ...
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  • Automobile Safety and Rollover Accident Prevention

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 13-May-2008

    One of the deadliest risks faced by motorists is the risk of a rollover accident — particularly for those who drive SUVs, minivans and trucks, which tend to have a higher center of gravity and a greater propensity to tip. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 280,000 rollover accidents are reported each year. Those rollovers kill more than 10,000 ...
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  • Sun Exposure Tips for Kids

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 12-May-2008

    Did you know that by age 18, most teenagers have already accumulated 50% – 80% of their lifetime sun exposure? That’s one reason why it’s vitally important for parents to help ensure that their children are taking appropriate sun safety precautions. This Spring and Summer, you can help protect the health of your children by following some basic sun safety tips for kids, provided ...
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  • Health Impact on Children Exposed to Domestic Violence: New Study

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 10-May-2008

    Approximately one in five women seeking pediatric care for their children at an urban clinic recently disclosed that they and their children had been abused or exposed to domestic violence — a finding that echoes the results of several similar studies conducted nationwide. The finding is the result of a new study published in a recent edition of the journal Pediatrics. According to authors ...
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  • Teen Drivers and Over Confidence: New Study

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 9-May-2008

    Teenage drivers in the U.S. often overestimate their level of driving experience. That false confidence in their driving abilities puts them at risk for accidents and personal injuries. The finding is a result of new research published in a recent edition of the journal Pediatrics. The research findings are particularly troubling, according to researchers, because a lack of driving experience has ...
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  • New State Rankings for Physician Discipline Highlight Significant Differences From State to State

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 8-May-2008

    A newly updated annual ranking of state medical boards by the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen has revealed widespread discrepancies in both the numbers of disciplinary actions taken against physicians’ licenses, and the rates of those disciplinary actions from state to state. Though the specific numbers have changed again this year, a pronounced trend of significant discrepancies ...
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  • Prom Safety Tips for Parents and Teens

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 7-May-2008

    Contrary to what you may hear or see on television, most teens aren’t drinking and driving or using illegal drugs this prom season. Still, each year many talented and promising young people across the U.S. are, in fact, killed in prom-related accidents — many involving drugs or alcohol. This year, take time to review with your teenager the importance of exercising good judgment and ...
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  • New Mad Cow Disease Precautions Aimed at Making Beef Supply Safer

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 6-May-2008

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a final regulation which bars some cattle materials from all animal feed, including pet food. The new rule is aimed at protecting consumers against bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE — also known as Mad Cow Disease). The new rule is an extension of an earlier FDA feed regulation which prohibited the use of certain mammalian proteins ...
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  • Melanomas On Scalp and Neck Nearly Twice As Deadly: New Study

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 2-May-2008

    Melanoma is one of the deadliest skin cancers, but new research demonstrates that melanomas located on the scalp or neck are even twice as deadly as those found on other parts of the body. The finding is the result of a study published in a recent edition of the medical journal Archives of Dermatology. Researchers conducting this latest study analyzed nearly 52,000 melanoma cases in the United ...
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  • Clean-Up Tips for Mercury-Containing Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 1-May-2008

    Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are popular, spiral-shaped, energy-saving light bulbs, often touted as "green" alternatives to incandescents. The new bulbs tend to use much less energy and last several times longer than traditional bulbs, but unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, CFLs contain mercury, and when broken they represent a health hazard to consumers. According to the ...
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