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  • New Snow Skiing Landscapes Call for Increased Helmet Use: New Study

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 31-Dec-2007

    Changes to popular skiing areas over the past decade, from open slopes to more wooded areas, mean that more snowboarders and skiers are moving slowly enough to benefit from the added protection a helmet can provide. The finding is one result of research recently published in the peer-reviewed, quarterly medical journal, Wilderness and Environmental Medicine. Each year in the U.S., alone, 60 ...
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  • Preventing Furniture and Large Appliance “Tip-Over” Injuries

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 30-Dec-2007

    Historically, approximately five children are killed each year as a result of tip-over accidents involving televisions or large furniture and appliances in the home, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). In most recent years, the incidence of these events has been significanlty higher than normal — since 2000, 100 such fatalities have been reported. If you or ...
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  • Snow-Blower Safty: CPSC Tips

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 29-Dec-2007

    Nearly 600 finger amputations per year are attributable to snow-thrower machines, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Another 5,740 people per year, on average, wind up in the emergency room for other types of thrower-related injuries. Since 1992, at least 19 consumers have been killed by the machines. If you plan to use a snow-thrower for snow removal this winter, ...
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  • 2.5 Million Children Killed or Injured: What Can Parents Do? Home Safety Devices Are Available

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 28-Dec-2007

    According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), approximately 2.5 million children are killed or injured as a result of basic home safety hazards. Most of those deaths and injuries are entirely preventable, and in fact, many of them can be prevented relatively easily, by purchasing and properly utilizing the following 12 commercially-available home safety and child-proofing ...
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  • Surprising Economic Impact of Skateboarding Injuries: New Study

    Posted By Regan Zambri & Long || 27-Dec-2007

    If a skateboard is on your shopping list this season, consider the results of recent research conducted at the University of California — Irvine. According to Irvine researchers, the average cost of a skateboarding injury is approximately $3,200. Medical costs comprise two-thirds of that figure, while one-third is wages lost during periods of recovery. Interestingly, researchers discovered ...
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